our products received several first class awards for which we are very proud

Automotive Brand Contest 2014 - Best of Best

In English-speaking countries, people with disabilities are more often referred to as " people with special needs ," which expresses respect for others without any judgment . Furthermore, this applys to vehicles containing assistive equipment for people with a physical disabilitiy, as these should constitute an integral part of the vehicle´s overall appeareance, instead of having immediately identifiable crutches or provisional arrangements. At the same time, designers themselves are faced with unique challanges. The aim is to combine compact multi-functionality and safety with high aesthetic standards and cross-brand stylistic elements. Veigel has been very successful in achieving this with the Veigel Compact II.

The red dot is the award for high design quality. The international jury only awards this sought-after seal of quality to works that set themselves apart significantly from comparable works thanks to their excellent design.

if design award 2002

The Veigel Classic hand control is distinguished by its outstanding design. This design integrates perfectly with the interior of modern vehicles. The full cover provides the best possible protection against injuries. The handgrip of the hand control and the steering knob are ergonomically optimized and fit well in the hand.

International Designpreis 2002

The beautiful design fits perfectly in the high-tech world of the automobile industry integrate and has no hint of a mobility product. It is not a foreign body within this high-tech technology, is neutral and can be integrated into different vehicle types.

Reha Care Design Award

The integrated remote control (Veigel Commander) for disabled motorists blends perfectly and harmoniously into the interior of all modern vehicles.

Global Market Leader

The administrative district of Hohenlohe within Baden-Württemberg is the economically most successful region within German. Nowhere else one can find so many global market leaders. The company Veigel is one of them.

World Market Leader Wing

Exclusively for the project ‘Lexicon of the Global Market Leader’ the famous porcelain manufactory MEISSEN designed and manufactured a porcelain wing.  This wing is exclusively made for the companies listed in the Lexicon. The wing was being handed over by the publisher and co-editor Dr. Florian Langenscheidt to the executive manager of the biggest and most important Global Market Leader during the book launch on January 24th 2011 in Schwäbisch Hall.