Company policy

we feel the following company policy required

Business Concept

It is our aim to help people achieve freedom via mobility through technology which is designed to help.

Veigel is an entrepreneurially-run medium-sized company.

We only move forward in our market niche.

Our competencies are in R&D, production and market access specifically to the sectors of the driving school systems and Rehamotive. Changes to the company policy can only be made if at least two of the competencies are addressed.

The purpose of the company is solely our expertise to transfer our resources in a customer benefit. We create satisfied customers and thus increase our competitiveness. Customer Value.

The focus on customer value maximizes the probability of encountering fewer false than correct decisions. Any other orientation increases the probability of wrong decisions.

Our customers are driving schools and mobility impaired motorists. We communicate to those customers directly while using the distribution channels through dealers, foreign representatives and automobile manufacturers.

New customers, we find especially abroad through internationalization and continuous improvement of our processes and product quality.

The company's profit serves as a control function for the quality of the performance and efficiency of trading.

Veigel Automotive orientates themselves by the customer requirements and always strives to implement them in full measure to the satisfaction of the customer and when possible to surpass their expectations.

The customer expects the best quality and technology of Veigel. Veigel is the first choice. Veigel is a trademark.

The price has an important standing especially for new customers.

Veigel offers short-term delivery, flexibility and speed. Veigel cares about the customer.

In the future Veigel will offer more service and technical solutions expertise.

Our strengths lie in engineering and innovation capabilities, installation expertise, flexibility, original equipment status, Design and the Veigel management system.

Product and process innovations will determine our future.

Market Position

Veigel evolves innovation. Detailed market analysis and market monitoring reveal new opportunities for new product ranges.

Innovation Performance

Veigel is committed to the continuous improvement process. We conduct a continuous renovation of systems and processes, methods and practices, structures and technologies. The strategic processes stand for this.

Quality Standard

The demands on our understanding of quality are uncompromising. We understand the product and service quality as a result of our high corporate and process quality. We do not want to only satisfy customers, but to inspire them by our performance and reliability.


  • Labor Productivity
    The goal of our company and our employees is to always guarantee the highest level of performance and quality.
    Veigel avoids errors through preventative measures, not only after they have already happened.
    All quality objectives are constantly reviewed to achieve your way. The target values ​​of the indicators can be changed as they are achieved (Management Review, Quality & Environmental meetings, etc.).
  • Productivity of knowledge
    The productivity of knowledge has become the key for productivity, competitive strength and economic power. Knowledge is already the primary industry, those industries that the economy provides the essential and central sources of production. Superior knowledge gives us a competitive advantage. Therefore, we identify today the knowledge that we will need tomorrow.

Appeal to the right people

As a family owned company, we adress the employees with a high degree of respect. Through empowerment, we offer the possibility of individual and personal development.

Liquidity and Cash Flow

Liquidity stands clearly before profit maximization.
ProfitabilityIt must be ensured that the profit lasts so that the company can remain in business in the future. 

The Environment

Environment stands for the totality of all relevant aspects outside the company. Surprises rarely come from the company itself, but they come from the environment. These include innovations, substitutions, technology, politics, competition maneuvers, etc. on the other hand in the outside world, are our opportunities. Leading entrepreneurially means leading from the outside to the inside so we can detect opportunities and use them. The inclusion ensures that the decision-makers at all times have a global overview and assess the situation.


All relevant legal and regulatory requirements are met by Veigel.


All information at Veigel is protected against third parties. The physical security of those information and the security of the IT Network are of high importance for Veigel.


We practice continuous benchmarking to monitor and assess our competitors so that we may draw conclusions from it.


Veigel Automotive is a family run business and the family is fully behind the company.
The cooperating banks are fully informed about the financial and economic conditions. The relationship of trust between the banks and Veigel is very good and should remain so.


The suppliers have to meet our quality requirements and the demands of our customers, which is secured by appropriate agreements and audits. It involved an alternative supplier. The suppliers are monitored for their stability.
With the major suppliers, regular discussions are held, possibly audited and common solutions are sought.
We are committed to long-term cooperation and integration of our business partners.
We work with our business partners and binding request a liability.
We purchase at local, competitive companies.


Veigel relates to environmental protection and the safety of employees in all of your processes.
Veigel constantly promotes your qualified staff with respect to know-how and initiative (Education / Training). The employee is involved in the continuous improvement of its range and involved themselves in this.

Environmental Policy

Protecting the environment is an important corporate goal for Veigel. Our concern for Veigel is to contribute to secure the future of the environment and businesses through environmentally oriented corporate policy and compliance with the associated legalities.

We recognize the social and environmental responsibility that we have to bear as a company and consider the improvement of our environmental performance through our environmental management system, therefore, as an important and existential task of corporate management.

We promote the sense of responsibility of our employees for Health & Safety and the environment with targeted information and training.

We offer products with high customer value and good environmental compatibility and advise our clients on environmental matters.

We prefer contractors with whom we can reduce the environmental impact overall.

We strive to minimize the environmental impacts that are caused by our company and its products. This includes the monitoring and assessment of current operational environmental impacts as well as the prevention of anomalies.

We provide high quality standards for our products and the fulfillment of the demands and desires placed on us by our customer. High quality means for us that our products have not only the best properties in terms of customer value, but are also produced by economical use of resources, energy and water.

We reduce the environmental impact of our business in the economy and competitiveness, as we use energy and raw materials and use environmentally friendly technologies.

We maintain open information in all environmental and safety concerns towards customers, authorities and the public.

In a new building for us according to our company policy, the ecological aspects are more important. The renewable energy in the form of geothermal, photo-voltaic and heat recovery from the production process plays a significant role.

Leadership Concept

The task of management is to organize the company so that it is self-organized and self-regulated.

For Veigel, the management system standards apply to everyone in the entire company and the same management system is to be applied, the same ideas about management apply the same concepts and content guide the actions and the same methods and instruments are used.

Our general management works on the basis of our strategic systems, our corporate culture and corporate structure as part of our corporate policy in the specific environment.

With our Veigel management system (VFS), we set a standard for right and good management. The responsibility imposed on the manager to the employees and the company, we operate according to the following principles:

  • It is important to contribute to the whole. Not one's own position, status and privileges, but the company as a whole, the purpose, mission and service fields are guideline for our actions. We think and work according to the WE feel.
  • It is important to focus on a few essential things. We focus on a few things, but really decisive things.
  • It is important to use already existing strengths. From the weaknesses of the individual and the company no special benefits may arise, but only from our company strengths.
  • It depends on mutual trust. Motivation and performance can flourish only on the basis of trust. Thanks to the trust we make Veigel self-organizing and fault-resilient.
  • It is important to approach the opposite person with respect.
  • It is important to think positively.