Rehamotive Products

freedom of movement

Freedom of movement is a challenge that millions of people struggle with daily. We pride our selves on providing solutions that serve this need.

Our hand controls are the highest quality and most advanced designs available for accessing the vehicle accelerator and brake with out the use of lower extremities.

Our foot controls offer solutions for a wide variety of applications.  Whether it be a guard to protect against accidental pedal use, an extension to bring the pedals closer to the driver or an additional pedal for people needing to drive with the left foot.

Veigel steering aids assist drivers using hand controls or drivers with low or limited hand strength. Ergonomics, leverage and environmental conditions of heat and cold are the design factors influencing the look and feel of these products.

Our transfer boards assist people in entering and exiting the driver and passenger seat allowing safe comfortable driving from the OEM seat. 

We offer extension controls to assist use of gear selectors, turn signals, ignition keys or park brakes


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