Detroit Push Right Angle

The Veigel Detroit Push Right Angle is made for use with the left hand for both brake and accelerator.

For decades the Push Right Angle hand control has been the choice of most drivers. This time tested design offers smooth and flawless operation.

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Click photo for larger view

Design and Quality:

The Veigel Detroit hand control sets a new standard.

Based on a distinguished design, the Veigel Detroit is the first left hand control with elegant cover that will help blend the hand control into your vehicles interior.

Our products meet the highest standards required from the automotive industry and we are certified to provide true OEM quality and performance.

Exceeds SAE J1903 testing standards for hand controls.


With the Veigel Detroit Push Right Angle you push down at a right angle towards the lap to accelerate.

To brake, you always push forward

Key Features:

Stylish trim cover protects driver from expose components and allows the hand control to seamlessly fit into any vehicles interior.

Both brake and gas lock out with a single removable key making the hand control inoperable for the untrained driver.

Adjustable brake and gas leverage settings allow for a more custom configuration for specific drivers and vehicles

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Several handle and hand grip choices are available. Can also add a five function Commander switch for operating secondary functions as horn, turn signals, head lights, washer and wipers.