Tradition and courage for something new

  Typical Swabian spirit is the basis of our company. Wilhelm Veigel founded the company in 1920 as an auto repair shop and later worked as a driving instructor. In 1925 he developed a double operation for driving school cars for his own equipment. This invention is considered to be the birth time of our company. At the beginning of the 1950s the German Patent Office granted Wilhelm Veigel several patents for his inventions. From this point onwards, the company will devote itself exclusively to the production and distribution of the patented Veigel Dual Control systems. A decisive change for Veigel is the regulation issued in 1957 to equip all driving school cars of the FRG (Federal Republic of Germany) with dual controls. After the death of Wilhelm Veigel, his wife Frieda Veigel and later their daughter Mrs. Waltraut Horlacher will continue the company.

Successful since


Veigel goes North America!

Veigel founds Veigel North America together with James Morrison and Jann Hendrik Swyter. This is also the successful entry of the second generation of the Swyter into the company.


Veigel has dealers all over the world and with more than 700 in the US and Canada we’re confident that we have a dealer near you.

Our dealers are trained and certified to install our products. This ensures that your controls will perform at their best ensuring safe and reliable driving.