Freedom to Explore

by Veigel

Freedom. It's an essential part of an active lifestyle.  It means setting your own agenda, getting behind the wheel and going where you want to go - whether you're running errands across town or visiting family and friends across the country. Veigel gives you that freedom.  For almost 100 years we've been designing and refining customized ergonomic hand controls that keep you actively involved in your world. Our easy-to-use hand and foot controls make driving simple. Our  controls are built to be reliable, providing you with years of dependable performance.  We back each control with a full 3 year 36,000 mile warranty that gives you piece of mind as well as freedom.

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Veigel has dealers all over the world and with more than 700 in the US and Canada we’re confident that we have a dealer near you.

Our dealers are trained and certified to install our products. This ensures that your controls will perform at their best ensuring safe and reliable driving.