The VEIGEL Development Department

Progress is the implementation of ideas

The establishment of Veigel in 1920 was based on an innovative development. The invention of the dual controls for driving school cars considerably increased safety for both passengers and vehicles. This inventiveness is still driving our company today. The desire to provide mobility is as motivating and as inspiring as nearly 100 years ago. We are committed to improve and maintain mobility.

Customized solutions for special areas of application:

We would enjoy supporting your own development department

  • in case of tight schedules
  • with complex detail solutions
  • with manufacturing special parts
  • with developing and producing small series


At our Öhringen plant you will find a secured prototype area to carry out development activities on vehicles not yet presented to the public.

We would be delighted to answer your questions and appreciate you contacting us!

Our partners

European automobile manufacturers with whom we cooperate on a regular basis:

Unsere Partner

European automobile manufacturers with whom we cooperate on a regular basis:


Your Veigel contact for development

James Morrison
General Manager


Veigel has dealers all over the world and with more than 700 in the US and Canada we’re confident that we have a dealer near you.

Our dealers are trained and certified to install our products. This ensures that your controls will perform at their best ensuring safe and reliable driving.